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Post by Kage Kaldaka on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:42 pm

Rules are very simple:
Keep inappropriate and offensive things, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. out of the forums.
Basically, just dont cause problems. be Courteous and respectful.
There is a violent[under contruciton currently] and Non violent parts of the site, so if people want to be safe and relax they can go into the Nonviolent part, and if they want to fight they can go to the violent part.

Rules for fighting:
powers are allowed
if you kill anyone in one post then you die instead
people can bring back their characters as many times as they want, though if they use that to cause problems they will be limited or banned.
no forcing people to fight against their will.
no avoiding every single attack

if wanted/needed i can also add in new areas such as human areas if wanted.
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