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Kage Kaldaka

Post by Kage Kaldaka on Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:31 pm

I am Kage Kaldaka, creator of this realm and Isle. I control everything within this domain, even the laws of physics and science. I currently have no mate, and my daughters are Sapphire,Tiny, Shadow, Emerald, Citrine, Shadow Rose Wolf, Razia, Celiena, Jazabelle, Adelaide, and Bonnie, and my sons are Garnet and Saphire. as the name of my pack suggests im a shape shifter and i use shadows with my abilities. im a wielder of several types of magic, including umbra and lumenmacy, meaning as long as im near shaodws or light i can tap into almost limetless power.im a shape-shifter who has several forms in addition to my wolf one.i normally repect authority unless it endangers those i love, which would be my real life girlfriend, Erica, and the four offspring that i created by using my powers to combine my shifter DNA with her DNA, Garnet, Saphire, Emerald, Citrine, or any of the multiple daughters i have adopted. The same fate awaits anyone who touches anyone else that i am related to, such as my sisters, Lonewolf, Elena, and Celesse. I can be killed and injured, it just takes alot of effort. that is due to the fact that i was born in a dimension made of pure shadow so even in my wolf form, my skin/fur is composed of substances that canine teeth arnt made for/good at piercing. this also means that i am souless. also when i fight, i generally dont fight in a quadraped form. i normally fight in an anthro form, normally wolf or tiger. In addition to my other attacks, i also use Dragon Shouts, which i have learned by spending a view centuries studying with Parthurnax. i have many forms:


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