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Post by Kage Kaldaka on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:03 pm

No insulting/being predjudice against someone for their sexual orientation. [that being said, if someone is being overly flamboyent purposely to annoy someone, they will be dealt with]]
Polygamy [having multiple spouses/mates] is allowed
*IMPORTANT* if someone wants to have more than one mate the following must be true:
all of the mates must consent to sharing,
all of them must treat each other equally,
all of the mates must be loved equally and love all the others equally.
if those are not true, then it is cruel/unfair to the mates that would be left out

Interbreeding is allowed, though most still frown upon it.
No intercourse in public please. Keep that in the PM's.
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