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Post by Saphire Kaldaka on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:03 pm

I am a sorcerer, Saphire. i am the son of Sjach Kaldaka, my ex-mate Violetsong quit coming to the site, so i have a tattoo of violet musical notes that goes around my left bicep in all of my forms. My new mate is Sheeba, and im happy to have her *smiles*I am also the father of Soteria and Ammy. I use the forces of magic that are in the universe to battle and alter my surroundings to my advantage.

Wolf Form:
Saphire Kaldaka 166146_168117213232967_100001040690751_381870_2144553_n

Spirit Wolf Form:
Saphire Kaldaka 168021_169962119715143_100001040690751_391394_7170028_n

Anthro Wolf Sorcerer Form:
Saphire Kaldaka 182785_176767502367938_100001040690751_430911_5271941_n

Combat Form:
Saphire Kaldaka 180515_176767552367933_100001040690751_430913_4233162_n

Human Form:
Saphire Kaldaka 115540673262235997pn0yq6

Tiger Form:
Saphire Kaldaka
Saphire Kaldaka

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